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The newest rehabilitation technologies can compensate for reduced mobility and assist & improve recovery.

Technology for mobility

We combine expert neurological physiotherapy treatment with extensive knowledge of the latest technologies on the market to help you walk further, better & more efficiently.

Example of leg mobility rehab technology

Technology for hand & arm function

Your personalised neurophysio treatment plan may include support from the latest technologies on the market to help your grip, power and control.

Woman using hand rehabilitation therapy

Technology for mobility

Expand any section below for more information about the latest rehabilitation technology we’re using to improve mobility. If you don’t find what you’re looking for please do get in touch.

  • Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

    FES is the use of electrical stimulation to make a particular muscle work in a way that helps you function. It is most commonly used to correct foot drop but can also be applied to different areas of the leg to make a positive impact on your mobility. 

    Functional electrical stimulation device

    FES can:

    • Lift your toes to help you clear your foot more easily, helping you walk further, faster and more efficiently.
    • Stimulate the hamstrings muscles on the back of the thigh can help stop the knee “flicking back” into excessive extension, making you more stable and protecting your knee joint from unnecessary wear and tear.
    • Stimulate the quadriceps on the front of the thigh or some of the gluteal muscles around the hip to help the leg feel more stable and prevent giving way.

    We have a selection of the latest devices to try and can advise you about the most effective solutions.

    Should I choose FES or a splint (AFO)? Call us to discuss your specific situation.

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  • Ankle foot orthoses (AFOs)

    We may recommend high-tech, light-weight and comfortable orthotics that can correct foot drop and more. We stock a selection of the best AFOs we can find from trusted suppliers that allow varying degrees of support and flexibility. These products are not routinely supplied by the NHS and might feel quite different (lighter & more comfortable) to ones you’ve tried before. 

    We can bring a selection of suitable devices with us to your appointment to allow you to try them out and make a well-informed decision. If you need something custom-made, we can recommend private orthotists that we’ve worked well with before. They may also consider in-soles, toe splints or medial arch supports to improve foot support and stability throughout the leg.

    Should I choose FES or a splint (AFO)? Call us to discuss your specific situation.

    Ankle foot orthoses

  • Light-weight devices for foot drop

    Sometimes people just need small amount of support and FES or an AFO is not required. In these instances, we can trial devices that strap around the ankle and connect to the foot or shoe to help pull the toes up. Another alternative is a supportive sock.

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  • Nexstride multi-cue device to reduce freezing & falls with Parkinson’s disease

    Parkinson’s disease and several closely related conditions cause problems with mobility when neural pathways are interrupted. This can result in a frustrating inability to get going, freezing mid-walk, or taking short, shuffling steps.

    The NextStride is a device that that fastens easily to a stick, walking pole or walker, and gives audio and visual cues to help initiate and regulate stepping. Proven benefits include reduced falls and increased walking speed. Contact us if you think this might help, and we’ll arrange a trial.

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